The Last Kingdom Board Game

Phase 2: Resolve the Conflict


Once all players consecutively pass in taking turns:

The faction with the higher Strength wins: Immediately place a Peace Token in that Region flipped to the side of the victor. Then all players gain benefits for both winning or losing (see below).

• If there is a tie in Strength: Nobody gains benefits for winning or losing and a Peace Token is not placed. Instead, do not disband excess armies and move the Conflict and Succession Tokens like normal (see Phase 2: Reset for Next Conflict). This Region will have another Conflict this round.

If there is a tie in the fifth and final Conflict Region of a Round: Nobody gains benefits for winning/losing and a Peace Token is not placed. Then ignore this Region—it will not have a Peace Token for this Round. Instead, proceed to Phase 3: Cleanup or Final Scoring, depending on which Round (for Round I see Phase 3: Cleanup, for Round II see Phase 3: Final Scoring).

The Saxons’ Strength: 6 armies that have . Uhtred in Round I has and his hero, King Alfred, has .

The Danes’ Strength: 3 armies that have . Guthrum has , and his ability states that up to 3 Dane armies are , adding an additional .

When the Conflict in Wessex is resolved, the Saxons have 9 Strength and the Danes have 7. The Saxons win and Wessex has peace!


The winning players revel in the victory! They gain Victory Point Tokens, secretly placing them behind their player screens. To score, each victorious player:

1. Chooses a combination of up to 5 armies and/or hero figurines controlled by the player in the Conflict Region that are aligned to the winning faction. Hero figurines belong to the faction noted on their Hero Cards (for example, Alfred scores as a West Saxon). Leader figurines CANNOT be counted for scoring, however.

2. Notes the level of each Affinity Marker: the marker’s row lists how many Victory Points the player gains per each faction’s army—ranging from 0 points at the bottom to 5 points at the top.

For example, Uhtred has 2 Affinity for the West Saxons. He gains 2 Victory Points for each West Saxon army chosen.

On-Your-Own Bonus: A player scores an additional 5 Victory Points if they are the only winning player in the Conflict.


If a player’s Allegiance is with the losing side, they score no points. Instead, they gain 2 Action Tokens, which are placed behind their player screen.

On-Your-Own Bonus: A player gains an additional 2 Action Tokens if they are the only losing player in the Conflict.


In a 2-player game, after a scoring for a Conflict, set the Momentum Marker to that winning side. In the next Conflict, whichever side the marker is showing is considered to have +1 player for determining the On-Your-Own Bonus.

For example, if the marker is set to the Saxon side, and you have Dane Allegiance and your opponent is aligned with the Saxons, then, win-or-lose, you would gain the On-Your-Own Bonus.