The Last Kingdom Board Game

Quick Refence Guide


Gain: The plus symbol means that a player gains the listed item, whether it be Victory Points, Action Tokens, or Affinity (see below).

Victory Points: Gained when winning Conflicts or by performing actions, these determine which player wins the game in the Final Scoring Phase.

Action Tokens: Gained at the start of each Round and when performing actions, these can be spent to perform actions in the Market at the top of the board, and to move a Leader.

Allegiance: Change between aligning with the Saxons or with the Danes, the two sides fighting each other in the Conflict.

Affinity- The level of favor a player has with one of the four factions:

Strength- The amount each army and figure in a Conflict Region contributes to winning the Conflict. This is totaled using the Conflict Region Track at the bottom of the board.

Higher Strength- The requirement that the player’s faction has the higher Strength in the listed Region. A tie in Strength does not count as being “higher.”

Armies- Represents a single unit of one of the 4 factions and contributes 1 Strength () to the Conflict Region:

Figurines- Represents either a Hero () or Leader (). Figurines have the Allegiance of the player controlling them and by default, contribute to their faction in a Region.

Primary Action: You must perform one per turn, or else you pass. They change the state-of-the-board in some way.

Passive Secondary Action: Any number of these can be performed before a Primary Action is performed, or can even be performed and before passing a turn.

Instant Secondary Action: Performed immediately when the card enters your hand.

Note: You must perform any type of action to its fullest, if possible. If not possible, perform as much of it as you can.

Region: One of the five kingdoms on the board: Northumbria, Mercia, Wales, East Anglia, and Wessex

Adjacent Region: Regions that share a single border.

Non-Adjacent Regions: Two Regions are not connected by a border.

Different Regions: An action that must be performed in different Regions.

Peace: When a faction wins a Conflict, place a Peace Token, flipped to the winning Faction’s side in the Conflict Region.

Add: Add the listed item to a Region. If there are not enough of a specific army in an Army Pool, then an army cannot be added.

Remove: Remove the item from a Region, returning it to the supply.

A Specific Region: Perform an action in a Region, such as adding an item, but it must be adjacent to a Region matching the listed required item.

Move: Move the item from one Region to an adjacent Region. When moving a you may always choose to move one of your Leaders/Heroes instead of an army.