The Last Kingdom Board Game

Phase 2: Take a Turn


Before resolving the current Conflict, players take turns in clockwise order, choosing one of the options on this page, until ALL players choose the “Pass Turn” option, consecutively. Some of these options involve performing actions, and there are two types:

PRIMARY ACTIONS- You can only perform one Primary Action using the Action Market or by playing a card, and your turn ends after resolving it. Primary Actions change the state-of-the-board in some way, whether it be adding, removing, or moving units, changing your Allegiance, or moving the entire Conflict to another Region.

PASSIVE SECONDARY ACTIONS- Any number of these can be performed before a Primary Action is performed, or can even be performed before passing (see below).

The 5 options you can choose on your turn are:


There are 7 Market Actions listed on the Action Plaques at the top of the board. To perform these, you must spend Action Tokens from behind your screen—the costs are indicated by where each plaque sits in the Market Track.

For example performing, “I am Dane” costs 3 Action Tokens now.

After resolving, move the plaque on the Market Track to the rightmost slot (most expensive), and then slide the other plaques to the left to fill in the gap.

For example, this plaque moves to the back of the row, and all other plaques slide down to fill in.

For explanations of Action Plaque Effects, see Action Plaque Effects.


Place a card from your hand faceup to your play area and resolve the text listed on the card. There is no cost to play a card.


Listed on your Leader Mat is a Primary Action to move your Leader figurine(s) to an adjacent Region. Spend the listed amount of Action Tokens to perform this.


You pass your turn to the next player when not taking an option with a Primary Action. Before passing, you may perform Passive Secondary Actions, such as a Market Action or playing a card, but if you are unable to perform a Primary Action, then you MUST pass. However, you are not out for the remainder of the current Conflict, as on your next turn you may perform a Primary Action if you wish, or pass again. If every player consecutively passes and it is the original passing player’s turn, then taking turns for the current Conflict is over and it is time to resolve it (see Phase 2: Resolve the Conflict).


This is a special form of Pass Turn for only one player during each Conflict. Instead of passing like normal, take the Invasion Token from the board, placing it in your play area. You now cannot take another turn for the remainer of this Conflict, but will participate in scoring once the Conflict is resolved. There are two benefits you receive (listed in the Prepare for Invasion space on the game board):

A. Gain Action Tokens equal to how many Peace Tokens are currently on the game board.

B. You place the Succession Token before the start of the next Conflict—the Invasion Token marks this ability (Phase 2: Reset for Next Conflict).

What if no player Prepares for Invasion?

If all players have passed and no one has performed Prepare for Invasion, then the last player who passed automatically gains the Invasion Token, however does not gain the Prepare for Invasion Action Tokens.