The Last Kingdom Board Game

Credits and Designer's Note



Game Designer: John D Clair

Lead Graphic Designer: Benjamin Shulman

Graphic Designers: Peter Wocken, Jason Washburn

Game Developer: Michael Coe

3D Designer: Chad Hoverter

Editor: Dylan D. Phillips


Very big thanks to the smart and fun folks who helped with all the playtests. This was a different and interesting design challenge and their time and input were invaluable. Thanks to the Gamelyn Games team for their trust in me and their excellent contributions to the game design. I’d also like to highlight a couple of great games that informed and inspired this design. First is Blood Rage, a favorite game of mine which inspired the idea of card draft phases followed by dynamic battle phases. Second is The King is Dead, a brilliantly elegant design that informed some of my design framework around multiple warring factions where players are not locked into one side or the other.

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