If you are in a Safe space, INVESTIGATE your space:

Draw the top card of the Discovery deck and read the text in the center box aloud. Some cards will have a statement of something you must do if you have a Condition or a certain Companion. Most offer choices of what you want to do. Some cards result in CLAIMING a Companion, Item, or Condition. Claiming means to slide the card under your investigator board, becoming part of your inventory (or, when it’s a Condition, changing your mental state).

When you first draw a Discovery card, read the central text out loud. This card has a bit of speech from the Assistant Janitor. It then tells you to take 1 stress if you have the Guilty Conscience Condition. Then, you have a choice of either taking 2 stress to Claim the Assistant Janitor or 1 stress to Claim the Bleach.