A. Elder One Figure

B. Story Board

C. Episode Card

D. Minions and Monsters Reference Cards

E. Insanity Cards

F. Investigator Board

G. Investigator Figures

H. Tokens

I. Dice

J. Markers

K. Discovery Cards

L. Mythos Cards

M. Elder One Stage Cards

1. Set out the Story Board, tokens, and dice.

2. Choose an Elder One. From its box, place the Elder One figure on the starting space of the summoning track. Place the Minions reference card on the Story Board. Set out the 8 Mythos cards and any tokens. Place the Elder One Stage cards in order, faceup, on the Story Board. Stage 1 goes on top.

3. Choose an episode. From its box, take out its 8 Mythos cards, 15 Discovery cards, Episode card, and tokens. Place the Monsters reference cards on the Story board.

4. Take out all the figures for the enemies shown on the reference cards (other monsters won’t be used).

5. Set up the map board according to the instructions on the back of the episode card, including arranging the map tiles and setting enemy figures and tokens on the indicated spaces. Then, turn over the episode card and place it on the Story board.

6. Shuffle the 16 Mythos cards together and place them facedown.

7. Shuffle the episode Discovery deck and place it facedown.

8. Have each player select an investigator board and its figure. Attach a colored base on the figure to help you remember which figure is yours. Place the figures on the starting space for the episode. In a SINGLE-PLAYER game, choose 2 investigators. You will control both, alternating turns with them.

9. Place the 6 tentacle markers of your color on your investigator board: 3 on the first level of your investigator’s skills, and the other 3 in the leftmost space of the wound, stress and sanity tracks.

10. Shuffle the insanity cards and deal 1 to each player, putting away the rest. Players place their card, faceup, near their investigator boards.

11. Randomly determine a starting player. That player takes the Mythos deck and will take the first turn.