Cthulhu: Death May Die

Tiles and Spaces


A. Two Spaces

B. Passages

C. Two Spaces

D. Walls

E. One Space

F. One Space

G. Three Spaces

Each tile is double-sided and labeled with a code to help with setup.

Spaces are defined by walls and passages. Some tiles contain 1 space while others contain 2 or 3. On the board, you may only move through passages that have connecting arrows on both spaces. If there is only a passage on one side (or a passage leading off the board) and nothing on the other side, you cannot go through it. There is no limit to the number of figures that may occupy each space.

Each map has 3 Gates - Red, Yellow, and Blue, where enemies are summoned.

Some maps contain a staircase or a tunnel. You may move from a space with one of these tokens to a space with the matching token. Spaces linked like that are considered adjacent for all purposes.

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