Cthulhu: Death May Die

Dice and Checks


Some actions and Discovery cards tell you to “make a roll”. When investigators make a roll, you always roll 3 standard black dice (and may also be allowed to add bonus green dice). Enemies roll a specific number and type of dice for their attacks, as indicated on their reference card.

Each die has 4 different possible results:

• Success:

This means that you (or the enemy) succeeded at your attempt (or partially succeeded). If you were attacking, it means you hit. If an enemy is attacking, it means they hit you. In some cases, you need to reach a target amount of successes in a single roll. Perhaps you need at least 2 successes to loot a body.

• Elder Sign:

These mean nothing unless you have a skill or card that uses them.

• Tentacle:

Madness! For each tentacle, you lose 1 sanity, moving your tracker 1 space to the right.

IMPORTANT: Tentacles on EVERY roll cost you sanity, whether you’re attacking, being attacked, or just “making a roll”.

• Blank:

No effect most of the time.