Cthulhu: Death May Die

Applying Results


Once you’re done using any rerolls, tally the number of each result obtained (note that some die faces contain 2 results). Make sure to apply any symbol changes from abilities (such as counting as successes). Then apply the results of the dice roll in this order:

1. Use Any Successes:

- If an investigator is attacking, these successes are wounds applied to their target. - If an enemy is attacking, successes are also wounds applied to their target (usually an investigator). - If you were told to “make a roll” by an action, you must match or exceed the number of successes indicated on the card to be successful.

2. Resolve Effects:

- Resolve any effects that may be tied to the result of the roll. (Examples: “If wounded…”,“If it survives an attack…”, “When the enemy dies…”)

3. Apply Any Tentacles:

- Lose 1 sanity for each tentacle rolled (move your marker 1 space to the right on your sanity track).

- If you reach a space on your sanity track, stop moving the marker (even if you didn’t lose the full amount of sanity), activate your insanity, and level up a skill.