Rowboat trip


Once the step of the journey for the Aircraft has been completely resolved, if there is a passenger in the Rowboat, there is a new step : the Rowboat Trip.

The Rowboat passenger rolls the dice to reach the next city (just like step 1 of a normal turn).

They have to face the events alone by playing their Equipment cards. However, each Rowboat allows you to face all of the events of one type for free ( the one on the corner of the Rowbat card ).

If the Rowboat passenger plays the required Equipment cards, the Rowboat is moved on to the next city.


Important : A Special card that targets the Aircraft can also target the Rowboat. However, the Rowboat passenger is not an Aircraft passenger : they can’t be targeted by an Disembarkation card or use one themselves for example.


Following from the last example, the Aircraft continues first to the next city. Amelia is the new captain, she has to play the Equipment to face the events. She does not have the cards needed and the Aircraft crashes. The Aircraft will begin a new journey with all passengers on board when the Rowboat journey ends.


It then goes to Orville, who rolls 2 dice. He decides to play the Alternative Route card to re-roll the black pirate die. Now, thanks to his Rowboat which ignores red flock symbols, he just needs one Compass card to move to the next city.

The Rowboat continues the journey alone.