Equipment: Basic card


This leg of the journey was uneventful

No card is required.


The aircraft is entering thick clouds. It becomes impossible to see where to go. The use of a navigation instrument is required.

Reveal a compass “Equipment” card.

“Such a tiny cloud will not stop us. My compass is clear, the way is straight on!”


Lightning is about to strike the aircraft. The captain can save the crew by diverting the electrical discharge.

Pull out your lightning arrester “Equipment” card.

“Finally a storm, it will allow us to charge the batteries.”


A flock of damok-birds is surrounding the aircraft. They make threatening dives toward the passengers.

Play your foghorn “Equipment” card.

“Their shrill screams are nothing compared to the noise I can make with my horn. Dilly- dilly, dilly-dilly...”


A pirate aircraft appears on the horizon. Pirates are determined to steal from all passengers, if not seize the aircraft itself.

Use your cannon “Equipment” card.

“What is more dangerous than a pirate? A cannon pointing at a pirate!”