Equipment: A little help


These cards can be played only when you are not the captain of the aircraft.

When the captain announces that the aircraft is about to crash, all passengers (and only them) can place – if they want to – one or several “Equipment: A Little Help” cards face down on the table.

Once all cards have been placed face down, show them all at once.

If the captain has the required “Equipment” cards in his hand to complete the challenge with the help of the “Equipment: A Little Help” cards played by the passengers, he has to play them and continue the journey.

Each “Equipment: A Little Help” card allows you to face one event with the same symbol.

Then all “Equipment: A Little Help” cards are discarded whether the airplane crashes or not.

If the aircraft still crashes, it is no longer possible to play any “Equipment: A Little Help” cards for this journey but you may still use “Special” cards.

Caution: When assuming the role of captain, a player cannot use his own “Equipment: A Little Help” cards.

At the end of the game, each player loses 2 points for every “Equipment: A Little Help” card they have left.


The captain cannot face these events (red, red, black)

Two passengers (A & B) decide to play their “Equipment: A Little Help” cards.

They put them face down then show them at the same time (black, black).

The captain plays two “Equipment” cards (red and red).

All the events are faced, the trip continues.

All the "Equipment" and “Equipment: A Little Help” cards are discarded.