Variant : Beginner adventurers (6+)


- The “Power” cards are discarded and will not be used in the game.

- The “Magic spyglass” cards are discarded, too.

- Nevertheless, the “Turbo” cards are used.

The end of the game is different:

At the beginning of a new journey, players check the number of different “Treasure” cards they own. The game ends as soon as a player has 5 different types of treasure.

Then the points are counted as in the normal game.


Tanguy, Luke and Buck are playing with the “Beginner adventurers” variant.

While starting a new journey, they check their treasures.

Although Tanguy has 7 “Treasure” cards and thinks he is going to win, he cannot end the game because he only has 4 different types of treasure.

Later during the game he receives the fifth type of treasure, thus he ends the game but only at the beginning of the next journey.

However, Buck, who only holds 4 cards, wins the game because he has more points.