Equipment: Rowboat



During the 2nd step, when each passenger chooses to stay onboard or disembark, they have a new option : « I will leave in the Rowboat » ( provided that the Rowboat is not already occupied ).

When a passenger chooses to leave in the Rowboat, they have to place a Rowboat card in front of them. They then take the Rowboat, place it on the same city as the Aircraft and place their pawn inside it.

Important : The Rowboat has only one spot : the player who played a Rowboat card first, according to turn order, gets to use it.

For each step of the journey, the Aircraft is dealt with first, and then the Rowboat.


Orville is the captain. He rolls the dice and the passengers decide whether

to stay or disembark.

Amelia decides to stay, Ambroise wants to leave in the Rowboat. He plays a Rowboat card, places the Rowboat next to the Aircraft and places his pawn onboard. None of the other players can take the Rowboat until it becomes available again.



During the 3rd step, before they reveal if they have the correct Equipment cards, the captain can say : «l will leave in the Rowboat» (provided it is not already occupied). In this case they have to place a Rowboat card in front of them. They then place the Rowboat in the same city as the Aircraft and put their pawn inside it. The next passenger becomes the captain for this step (other passengers can’t change their decision).


From the previous example, if Ambroise had decided to stay in the Aircraft, Orville, the captain, could choose to leave by playing a Rowboat card. In this case, Amelia would become the new captain for this step