Frequently Asked Questions

Does the captain play a card when a blank die is rolling ?
Blank dice require no cards.
How many cards the captain has to play ?
The captain will have to play one “Equipment” cards for each dice showing this challenge.
When does the captain play his cards ?
When each passenger has spoken.
How I win ?
By getting some treasure cards.
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How many dice I roll ?
The captain rolls as many dice as indicated on the next “City” tile.
How I get a treasure Card ?
By leaving the aircraft
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What if the deck is empty?
Create a new one.
Shuffle the discard pile and place it face down to create a new deck.
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What if there is no more treasure in a city?
City tile is removed
This city is no longer a stopover of the journeys and the aircraft does not stop over there anymore. To represent this, the “City” tile is removed or turned over on the table. If a passenger gets off and takes the last “Treasure” card of a city, no more passengers can get off here.
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What if the aircraft reaches the last city (the tile numbered 25) ?
Take the treasure
In this case, starting with the captain and going clockwise, each player in the aircraft takes turn to draw a “Treasure” card of the last city. It may happen that one or more players do not receive any treasure: no luck for them! A new journey then starts at the first city. Note: It is always allowed to count the remaining “Treasure” cards in a city.
Does the captain always have to play the “Equipment” cards if he has them?
Yes. Nevertheless, he is never forced to play “Turbo” cards.
Are the captain and passengers allowed to discuss before declaring if they will stay or not?
Yes! Celestia is more fun when players try to influence each other. 7
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