The Red Cathedral

Use Influence


Players can use their influence with the four groups on the board—the Craftsmen’s Guild, the Teamster’s Guild, the Merchant’s Guild, and the Clergy—to perform a variety of actions. Each group is assigned a quadrant (representing the seasons of the year) on the Market board, which includes two Market spaces. The quadrant where the chosen die’s movement ends determines which of these groups can be influenced that turn.

When a player influences a Guild or the Clergy, they may perform one of the two actions shown on that group’s card. Some of these actions require a cost and others do not. Actions marked with the lightning icon only allow the player to perform that action one time this turn

Meanwhile those with the infinity icon can be performed as many times as the player wishes. For more details, see the Influence Actions rules category.

To continue the example from before, after obtaining bricks, the player decides to use the Merchant’s Guild action to exchange 2 of their recently obtained bricks for 1 green jewel.