The Red Cathedral

Advanced Game Workshops


If you have chosen to play the game on the advanced side of the Workshop boards, keep the following things in mind:

The game plays the same as the standard game in all aspects except that placing a tile in the Workshop has a fixed cost of 3 Rubles and that the Ornamentations are not available right at the start of the game.

When part of the Cathedral is claimed and the Workshop tile is placed (after first paying the costs), the corresponding Ornamentation becomes available. If the player cannot or does not want to pay to place the tile on a space with an Ornamentation, the Ornamentation does not become available. In such a case, return the Ornamentation to the game box and place the Workshop tile face down on the space of the Ornamentation.

The Banners in the white Workshops are used in the same way as those in the Inventory, and can be taken directly from there. A Workshop tile cannot be placed on a white Workshop space if the Banner blocking it has not been used.

The yellow player is going to claim part of the Cathedral. They decide that the Workshop tile will go in their green Workshop so they can take the Arch there, moving it to the corresponding space on their board.

Then, the player takes a Banner from their Inventory and places it on the Cathedral card to claim it and its Workshop tile.

Finally, when placing the tile on the green space and paying 3 Rubles, the player moves the Arch and places it in its available place on their Workshop board. If they would have taken a Banner from their white Workshop spaces instead, their new Workshop tile could have gone to one of the white Workshop spaces.