The Red Cathedral

Decorate the Cathedral


Once a section of the Cathedral has been completed, there is an opportunity for the construction teams to add finishings, installing decorations and other types of improvements.

Each section of the Cathedral, once finished, has space to place a single Ornamentation: bases allow the construction of a Door; middle sections allow the addition of Arches, and domes allow the erection of a Cross. Any player can install an Ornamentation on any completed Cathedral section, regardless of who built that section.

To decorate a Cathedral section, the player must deliver the Materials required for the Ornamentation (Door = lumber; Arch = stone; Cross = gold) plus 0, 1, or 2 jewels, which are “set” into the Ornamentation. If jewels are set into the Ornamentation, the player immediately gains:

1 for each jewel set into it, or

a total of 3 if 2 jewels of different colors are set into it.

If an Ornamentation is added without any jewels, no Prestige Points are awarded at that time.

Either way, all Ornamentations can generate Prestige Points at the end of the game (in addition to those awarded for any jewels when built), so it makes sense to invest in them even if they are not accompanied by jewels.

Each Material (including any jewels) used for an Ornamentation counts as one Material delivered. Remember that you can only deliver a maximum of three Materials during each Build Sections of the Cathedral action. In this case, when a player sends Materials for a Decoration, all the chosen materials must be sent on the same turn. Unlike parts of the Cathedral, Decorations must be sent and finished in one go.