The Red Cathedral

Decorate the Cathedral Examples


The yellow player uses their 3 deliveries to decorate a Cathedral dome, creating a Cross with 2 different jewels encrusted in it, which awards him 3 .

The yellow player is using all 3 deliveries for Ornamentations, creating a Door (paying 1 lumber) with a jewel set in it (which gives them 1 ) and a Cross (paying 1 gold) that does not grant them any immediate points.

In this example of combined building and decorating, the yellow player is getting ready to complete a middle section of the Cathedral . They decide to build, using up one of their deliveries for the missing gold . This allows them to complete their section, earning 4 and 2 Rubles & and, furthermore, the green player is penalized and loses 1 .

Since it is still possible to make 2 more deliveries this turn, yellow decides to use them to build an Arch with 1 jewel (1 delivery of stone and another for the jewel), which they then place on the section they just completed for 1 additional which is awarded immediately .