The Red Cathedral

Move Dice around the Market


A fundamental part of construction is having all of the required Materials at the moment you need to use them. Everything you might need is available in the Market. Furthermore, your relationships with the different Guilds will help you complete your job and are crucial to becoming the most famous and appreciated architect!

Resource management and the use of the Market are the heart of The Red Cathedral. To visit the Market, a player must follow these steps:

Announce which Market die they are going to use.

Move that die around the Market board in the direction of the arrows exactly the same number of spaces as the value it shows.

Optionally, if they use the white die or the die that is their own color, they may spend Rubles to move it additional spaces, at a rate of one Ruble for each extra space (which can result in a total movement that is greater than six spaces).

Important: A die cannot end its movement on a space that is already occupied by three dice. In other words, the maximum number of dice that can be in each space is three. If the moving die would end up in a full space, the player must choose a different die to move or—if it is the white die or their color—they may pay to increase its movement.

The die remains on the space it reaches after moving

The player now performs any Market actions that they want to take, based on the space they moved to.

Finally, they roll all of the dice that are in that space and then put them back in that space.