The Red Cathedral

Penalty for Unfinished Sections


If, when a section of the Cathedral is completed, there are cards that have not been finished below it in the same tower, the players who have claimed those unfinished sections will be chastised by the Tsar.

The player(s) who claimed those unfinished cards immediately lose Recognition Points equal to the number of finished sections above their cards without counting their own completed sections.

In the first picture, the red player has been able to complete part of the Cathedral before the blue player. The blue player is penalized 1 . Later on, the blue player still hasn’t completed their sections before the yellow player finishes theirs, so the blue player suffers a penalty of 3 : 1 for the top blue card (which only has 1 completed section above it) and 2 for the one at the bottom (which now has 2 completed sections above it, completed by the red and yellow players).

In this example, the blue player suffers a penalty of 1 when they finish their top section, due to the red player’s completed section but not for the section that blue just completed. Later, when the yellow player finishes their section, blue receives a penalty of 2 (due to the red and yellow sections but ignoring the finished blue section).