The Red Cathedral

Additional Scoring


On top of the Prestige Points earned during the game, players will add:

1 for every 5 Materials and Rubles that they return to the general reserve at the end of the game.

A number of based on their contributions to each of the towers.

The total value of a tower is 2 for each section that is completed, plus 1 for each Ornamentation on it. Any sections that are not completed are not counted at all in the final scoring.

Each player counts the number of Banners and Ornamentations of their color they have on the completed Cathedral cards in that Tower.

The player with the highest total receives the full value of that tower.

The player with the second highest total receives half of the total value of the tower (rounding down for half points). The next player after them receives half of that, and so on.

If there is a tie for any position, add up the Prestige Points for the positions of the tied players and divide them evenly between them (rounding down). If there is a player at a lower position behind the tied players, this player receives points for the next position, regardless if there is a tie for the first 2 positions. For example, if a tower's value is 11 Prestige Points, then the player in the third position always receives 2 Prestige Points (after dividing by half and rounding down twice).

If a player does not have any Banners or Ornamentations in a tower, they receive no points for that tower.

The player with the most Prestige Points is the winner!

If there is a tie, the tied player with most completed sections wins. If the tied players have completed the same number of sections, the one with the most Ornamentations placed will be the winner. If they are still tied, then the players share the victory.