The Red Cathedral

Build Sections of the Cathedral


Once the scaffolding has been installed, the construction teams can get to work and finish that part of the Cathedral. To do that, they will need construction Materials and, if they have the opportunity, they can add finishings to the work with beautiful Ornamentations.

Each time a player chooses this action, they may deliver up to three Materials to the Construction Site.

Then those materials can be used to Build and/or Decorate the Cathedral. If a section now has all of the required Materials, it is completed and the player is awarded Recognition Points and possibly Rubles. Adding Ornamentations may also award Prestige Points.

The player takes the Materials they want to deliver from their Inventory and assigns them to one or more Cathedral cards that have their Banners on them. There is no requirement that the player finishes a section in a single delivery—simply leave the Materials on the card to show that they have already been delivered .

A Cathedral section is finished once it has all of the required Materials on it . When this happens, the following steps are taken:

The Materials are removed and returned to the general reserve.

The player gains the Recognition Points and Rubles shown on the card .

The card is flipped over so it is showing the finished side. The player’s Banner is left on the card .