The Red Cathedral

Claim a Cathedral Section


The builders are assigned sections of the Cathedral to work on and place the scaffolding they need to carry out their work, represented in the game by the Banners. This will allow the towers to grow vertically out of the main structure and allow the construction teams to reach the highest parts of the towers.

To claim part of the Cathedral, a player carries out these steps:

They take any one Banner from their personal Workshop board (possibly opening up a space in their Inventory).

They Claim one available Cathedral card by placing their Banner on top of it. A Cathedral card is available if it does not have a Banner on it and it is either any base card or any other type of card that is directly above another card that already has a Banner on it (from any player).

They take the Workshop tile that is on the claimed Cathedral card and place it in any empty Workshop space on their Workshop board. They have two choices:

Place the Workshop tile face down. If they do, they will not be able to activate that Workshop later.

Pay the cost (in Rubles) shown in that Workshop space and place the Workshop tile face up. They will be able to receive the benefit shown on that Workshop tile each time they move the die that matches that Workshop’s color—see the Activate a Workshop Tile rules category.

If the Workshop tile is paid for and placed face up, the player immediately gains the benefit shown on it.