During Ivan’s turn, look at the row of Solitaire cards and find the one furthest to the left that has a face up Workshop tile. First, move the die shown on that Workshop tile as if Ivan was performing an Acquire Resources from the Market basic action. Reroll all of the dice on this space, as usual. Then, flip the Workshop tile face down. If this would move a die to a space that already has three dice, do not perform this part of Ivan’s turn.

Ivan will not gain any Resources from this action, but he may still obtain Recognition Points (from a Resource tile or an Influence card). If Ivan activates a Resource tile, which provides a Recognition Point, multiply it by the number of dice in the Market space, as usual. If Ivan gains any Recognition Points, update his score counter.

After the die moves (if possible), perform the action indicated on that Solitaire card.

If, at the start of Ivan’s turn, all of his Workshop tiles are face down, carry out these steps before taking Ivan’s turn as normal:

Iván will place one Ornamentation on a completed card, if he can, following this criteria and order:

What Ornament to place? The order in which to place them is Door - Arch - Arch - Cross. Once the Door is in place, then the next to be placed is one of the Arches, and so on.

Where to place it? Ivan will try to decorate a card constructed by the player (if there are more than one, you chose which one). If that is not possible, he will choose one of the cards built by him (if there is more than one, you chose which one).

If this is not possible, ignore this step, even if there are other Ornamentations that can be placed. If Ivan has placed an Ornamentation, he gets 1 . He doesn’t have to pay any Materials to place them.

Then, take all his Workshop tiles, mix them up again, and place them one by one on the cards face up to prepare for his turn.