Castle Panic



1 Board

49 Castle cards:

Players use cards to attack the Monsters and defend the Castle

49 Monster tokens:

These are the Monsters and Special Effects that the players must survive.

6 Walls with plastic stands:

Walls keep Monsters out of the Castle and can be rebuilt if they are destroyed.

(The first time Castle Panic is played, the plastic stands will need to be put on the Walls and Towers.)

6 Towers with plastic stands:

Towers are the heart of the Castle. If the Monsters destroy all of the Towers, the players lose the game.

1 Tar token:

This token is used when the Tar card is played.

2 Fortify tokens:

These tokens are used when the Fortify Wall card is played.

1 six-sided die

6 Order of Play cards:

These cards aren’t used in the game. They are just helpful reminders of what to do on a turn.