Castle Panic

Monsters in the Castle Ring


Unlike Walls, Towers do not stop Monster movement. If a Monster moves into the same space in the Castle ring as a Tower, the Tower is removed and the Monster takes 1 point of damage. If the Monster survives, it stays in the space where the Tower was, as shown here.

Monsters in the Castle ring are not affected by Walls. On the next Move Monsters phase, that Monster will move clockwise to the next Castle ring space

This movement will continue on each turn until that Monster loses its last point or the last Tower is destroyed. Towers that are destroyed can’t be rebuilt. If all 6 are destroyed, the players lose the game—so make sure to defend the Towers!

Once a Monster is in the Castle ring, it can only be affected by Castle cards that have the symbol on them

All the Monsters stay in the space where the Tower was. Monsters can be stacked to fit.