Mists Over Carcassonne

Placing City Tiles


You now understand the most important parts of the game. That wasn’t hard at all, right? Let’s now look at the other types of regions:

1. Place land tile

Draw a tile to add to the board. If your tile shows a city, you may add it to an existing, incomplete, city. Remember that the sides of the tiles must match.

2. Place a meeple

Next, check if the city already has a meeple in it. If not, you can place one of yours (add it to the city on the tile you just placed).

You placed the tile such that this incomplete city is now 1 tile larger. The city is unoccupied, so you may add one of your meeples to it.

3. Score points

Let’s fast forward a bit and assume that you drew this tile on your next turn. Since the edges match, you can add it to the city with your meeple in it. Once a city is completely surrounded by city walls, it is complete. That is the case here. Since you have a meeple in this city, you now score it.

You score 8 points! As with roads, move the scoring meeple that many spaces forward.

Each tile the finished city is on is worth 2 points. Additionally, each shield in the city is worth 2 extra points. After scoring points, return the meeple from the city to your supply.