Mists Over Carcassonne

Game Components and Setup


Place the new, large, starting tile in the middle of the table. Return the base game starting tile to the game box.

Shuffle all 60 land tiles from Mists over Carcassonne (marked with ) with the base game tiles. Place them in a face-down supply on the table as usual.

You will only need 1 scoring track. Better to use the one from the expansion, leaving the one from the base game in the game box.

Give each player (including yourself) 2 guard meeples and 5 base game meeples in the color of their choice.

Place a 6th meeple in each player color onto space 0/50 of the scoring track. Return the remaining base game meeples to the game box.

Place the remaining guard meeples in player colors in a supply next to the scoring track. Return any guard meeples in unused colors to the game box.

Place the 15 ghosts in a general supply next to the scoring track.

Leave the goal tile and level summary from Mists over Carcassonne in the game box.

You can also leave the two hounds in the game box – they don’t like competitive games.