Mists Over Carcassonne

Game Components and Setup


First, let’s look at the LAND TILES. The 60 land tiles picture roads, cities, castles, and cemeteries.

Additionally, most of the land tiles show mist. You will always find one or more ghosts in the mist, that you must pacify during the game. We will explain more about ghosts later.

First, place the new starting tile, as shown, in the middle of the table. For Level 1, return all 5 cemeteries and all 5 castles to the box. Shuffle the remaining land tiles and place them in a face-down supply on the table, so that everyone can reach them.

Note: Setup for the other levels is a bit different, see the Levels category.

Take the scoring track and place it near the edge of the table.

Place the level summary next to the scoring track. This will show you which tiles you need (or not), and how many points you need to reach each level.

For Level 1, that’s 50 points. Place the goal tile onto space 0/50 of the scoring track.

Return the 2 hounds to the game box.

Now, let’s look at your playing pieces (meeples, i.e. ‘my peoples’). These represent your followers. They are a bit different from the base game and are called ‘guard meeples’, but for these rules we’ll just refer to them as meeples. There are a total of 30, 5 in each color:

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black and Pink.

Give each player (including yourself) 5 meeples in their chosen color. these form each player’s supply. Then, place 1 meeple in an unchosen color onto space 0/50 of the scoring track. This is your scoring meeple.

Return the rest of the meeples to the box.

Note: For a two player game, give each player 3 meeples in each of 2 different colors. For the solo game, take 3 meeples in each of 4 different colors.

Finally, place 15 ghosts as a general supply next to the scoreboard.

Place 3 of the ghosts on the ghost symbols shown on the starting tile.

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