Mists Over Carcassonne

Level 3: Hounds


The two hounds don’t just mark how many points you need to score per pile, they also help you pacify ghosts.

You scored 8 points with your last tile and moved the scoring meeple to space 16 of the scoring track. Since you passed Rufus, who was on space 15, you have succeeded with the first pile!

As soon as the scoring meeple reaches or passes a space with a hound, the following happens:

You must immediately place Rufus . Add him to any non-buried meeple on the game board. You may then remove up to 3 ghosts each from any 2 different land tiles directly adjacent (orthogonally or diagonally) to him (including the tile you placed him on itself). Return these ghosts to the general supply as usual.

Your meeple is in a good spot, so you add Rufus to it. You choose the tile Rufus is now on and remove 2 ghosts. Additionally, you choose the cemetery tile and remove 3 ghosts from it, returning all 5 of them to the general supply. You will need to leave 1 ghost behind on the cemetery tile.

Afterwards, take any tiles left in the first pile and put them on top of the second pile. You’ll have a little more time to score the 50 points needed for the second pile. Once you do, add Ronja to the board in the same manner.

When there are no meeples or only buried meeples in the game, the hound is lost, since you cannot place it.