Mists Over Carcassonne

Gameplay Overview


Play in clockwise direction. Whoever is reading these rules is the start player. Each turn, you must execute a set of actions in a specific order. We will explain as if you are doing everything; you can then explain it to your fellow players. Any details about the following actions will be explained later in the rules, when they become relevant.

1. Place a new land tile

You must draw exactly 1 new land tile from the face-down supply and place it next to at least 1 existing tile.

2. Place ghosts and meeple

If mist is shown on the just placed tile, then you must worry about ghosts (see ‘Placing Ghosts‘).

You may then place exactly 1 meeple from your supply on the just-placed tile.

3. Score points

Finally, you must complete all scoring triggered by the tile you placed.