Mists Over Carcassonne

Level 2: Cemeteries and Bury a Meeple


1a. Place land tile

This time, on your turn, you draw a land tile with a cemetery on it. There is also a city on the tile. Add the tile as usual such that the edges match – nothing else happens for now.

1b. Bury a meeple

As soon as tiles are added to all 4 sides of the cemetery tile (left, right, top, bottom), you must bury a meeple. That means you must take a meeple from somewhere else on the board and place it onto the cemetery, where it will remain until the end of the game.

Then, remove all ghosts from this cemetery tile. We will explain how ghosts end up in the cemetery in the next section.

Special case: If you don’t have any meeples on the board, you must use one from your supply instead.

You added the cemetery to the board on a previous turn. Now, you place a tile next to the cemetery.

You decide as a team that yellow will place a meeple onto the cemetery, burying it.

From now on, they will play the game with one fewer meeple. At least you were able to pacify 1 ghost in the process, returning it to the general supply.