Mists Over Carcassonne

Level 5: Haunted Cemetery


1a. Place land tile

When you draw a cemetery, place it as per usual.

1b. Bury a meeple

As soon as the cemetery tile is completely surrounded by land tiles (as when scoring a castle), you must bury a meeple. That means you must take a meeple from somewhere else on the board and place it onto the cemetery, where it will remain until the end of the game. The cemetery is now closed.

Note: Cemeteries aren’t closed with only 4 tiles any more. Do not add any more ghosts to closed cemeteries.

2a. Place ghosts

Add 1 ghost to each tile with mist on it around the cemetery.

It doesn’t matter if the mist bank is finished or not, or if any ghosts are already on the tile or not.

2b. Place a meeple

You cannot add a meeple to the cemetery itself. You may, however, place one onto a clear road or city on the tile, as per usual.

Unfortunately, you drew a cemetery tile. You place it into the indicated space. You then add a total of 3 ghosts to the mists around the cemetery. Finally, you place a meeple onto the road.

3a. Score points

If you finished a region when placing the tile, score it as usual.

3b. Place face-down tiles

Haunted cemeteries cause you to gradually lose tiles. As long as at least 1 cemetery is still open, you must now draw 1 tile without looking at it. You must then place it adjacent to an open cemetery. Face-down tiles may be placed adjacent to any type of terrain (roads, cities, etc.), but do not finish anything except cemeteries. All other regions with a face-down tile adjacent to them are ‘haunted’ and cannot be finished any more. This also counts for castles: If a face-down tile is placed around a castle, then it can’t be finished any more either.

Even if more than one cemetery is open, you still only draw and place 1 face-down tile. In this case, you can choose which cemetery to place it adjacent to.

The cemetery is still open. Therefore, you draw a face-down tile after your usual turn and place it adjacent to the cemetery. This blocks the meeple. It can never be scored.

New face-up tiles can only be placed adjacent to face-down tiles if they also share at least one edge with a different, face-up tile already added to the board.

You may place face-down tiles next to other face-down tiles.

Remember: Face-down tiles count when finishing (closing) a cemetery and subsequently burying a meeple.

The cemetery is now closed. You don’t have to draw face-down tiles any more. You decide as a team to bury the meeple.