Mists Over Carcassonne

Summary of All Levels


On this page, you’ll find a summary of all levels (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and the precise order of your actions. Since this is just a summary, we recommend reading the rest of the rules before playing.

1a. Place land tile

• The basic Carcassonne rules apply. Ignore the mist when placing tiles.

3+ You may only draw from the currently active pile.

1b. Check mist

• Once you finish a mist bank, remove all ghosts from corresponding tiles and return them to the general supply.

1c. Bury meeple

2+ If you closed a cemetery you must bury 1 meeple.

2, 3, 4 A cemetery is closed once tiles have been added to all 4 sides. Return all ghosts in the cemetery to the general supply.

5, 6 A cemetery is closed once it is fully surrounded by 8 tiles.

2a. Place ghosts

• If you placed a tile with mist on it, you must add ghosts. Add 1 fewer ghost if you expanded an existing mist bank.

2, 3, 4 When adding ghosts to the game board, add 1 additional ghost to an open cemetery.

5, 6 After placing a cemetery tile, add 1 ghost to each tile with mist on it around the cemetery.

2b. Place a meeple

• You may place a meeple on the just-placed tile as per the basic Carcassonne rules.

3a. Score points

Score roads, cities, and castles once they are finished. Choose to either score the points or remove up to 3 ghosts from 1 tile.

If multiple meeples are on the completed region, score points separately for each different meeple color.

6 You have multiple meeples on the scoring track. Score each color separately. Resolve a marker (hound, goal tile) only once all players have passed it.

3+ 3b. Hounds

If you reach a hound on the scoring track, you trigger the next pile of tiles and add the hound to a meeple on the board. Once the hound is fully surrounded, remove up to 3 ghosts from each of 2 tiles.

5, 6 3c. Haunted cemetery

At the end of your turn, draw and place a face-down tile adjacent to an open cemetery. Face-down tiles never finish any regions (other than cemeteries).

Game End

The game ends immediately if:

You win by reaching the required number of points , or:

You lose by running out of ghosts to place or by running out of tiles to draw.