Mists Over Carcassonne

Placing Mist Tiles


1a. Place land tile

As usual, draw a tile to add to the board. This tile shows mist in addition to the road.

Mist always covers a field or a road, never a city.

As usual, you must place the tile such that road matches road and field matches field. When doing so, you do not need to worry about the mist. In other words, you can place a misty road next to a clear road, or the other way around. The same counts for misty fields.

You draw this tile with mist on it. You decide as a team where to place it. You decide to place it next to the rightmost tile, lengthening the road and ignoring the mist.

1b. Check mist

Now, check to see if a mist bank has been finished.

Mist counts as finished when it is surrounded on all sides (i.e. there is no way to make it larger – this works in the same way as with a city).

It can never be finished as soon as one side is next to a field or road without mist.

If you finished a mist bank, remove all ghosts from the associated mist, returning them to the general supply. We’ll explain how the ghosts got there in the first place now.

This mist can never be finished.

Example b. You place the highlighted tile (bottom left), finishing the mist bank. You then remove all 3 ghosts from the mist.