Tools. Poignant reminders of faithful miners that came before you, honorable corporate sacrifices each and every one of them. Please do not hesitate to look at your Tool Reference card to see what each one of them does, even though we covered this in class. Go ahead, we don’t mind, take all the time you need. Absolutely no demerits will be assessed, and any hidden demerits will only affect your performance evaluation if you survive your first mission.

While taking actions, you may also use any Tools you may have. You can obtain those Tools by using the upgraded Capture action.

Tools may be used at any time during the Miner’s turn. Using a Tool does not require the use of dice. Each Tool may only be used once. It is discarded after use.

WRENCH | Upgrade any one of your

TELEPORTER | Swap any two Stomach cards in the Tract.

MAGNET | Move a Stomach card towards you any number of spaces in the Tract, adjusting all other cards as needed.

ADJUSTER | Change the value of an unused die to any number between 1 and 6.

DRILL | Take 3 Stomach cards at random from the Beast’s hand and look at them. Place one of them anywhere in the Tract, adjusting other cards as needed. Return the cards not placed to the Beast’s hand. This Tool may only be used if there is at least one empty space in the Digestive Tract.

Hibernating Beast | Draw 3 cards from the
deck and return any cards not placed to the bottom of the deck.