So, You''ve Been Eaten.

2. The Miner Takes Actions


2. The Miner Takes Actions

The dice represent the time and energy you spend using your Intergalactic Survival Equipment. This equipment allows you to take a variety of actions:

STUN ••• Push back a dangerous bacteria to avoid a particularly damaging attack, or to manipulate the Digestive Tract ahead of you.

ELIMINATE ••• Blast those pesky Bacteria away, if you can find them close together.

CAPTURE ••• Relieve the Beast of its Crystals; or equip yourself with Tools, remnants of Miners past.

ADJUST ••• Desperate times call for desperate measures. Do what you have to do to survive.

UPGRADE ••• Take the time to augment your equipment, and maybe it just might work when you need it the most.

To take an action, place a die on the space of the action you would like to activate. Unless otherwise noted, the number on a die corresponds to a position on the Digestive Tract equal to that number of spaces away from the Miner, as noted on the board itself (e.g. a die with a 3 will target the third card in the Tract).

You can use any of the actions in any order and as many times as you have dice available.

You do not have to use all three dice, but it is recommended to do so whenever possible.