So, You''ve Been Eaten.

So, it’s the End of the Game.


So, it’s the End of the Game.

There are three different ways a game can end:

Ending 1: Mission Accomplished!

The Miner has collected one of each of the 8 Crystals. When this happens, the Miner is permitted to use the company jetpack to launch out of the Beast’s mouth. The Beast expires and the Miner automatically wins!

Ending 2: Ending “Number Two”

This ending occurs at the end of the Miner’s turn, if the Beast could not refill their hand at the end of their turn, and only if none of the other two endings were triggered.

In this case, the Miner exits out the back end, survives, and escapes with their life and any Crystals they have collected. The Beast has cured its stomach ache, and enjoys the few nutrients gained.

To see who wins, players must compare scores. In case of a tie, the Miner wins.


• Add 1 point for each collected Crystal.

• Add 1 point for each upgraded action.


• Add the points that each acquired Immune Response card in play is worth.

• Add 0, 1, or 2 points for each Bacteria type, depending on their infection level.

Subtract 1 point for each Stomach card showing a Crystal still in their hand.

Ending 3: Probiotic Bliss

If the Beast digests the Miner by attacking them 4 times with the same Bacteria (i.e. any Bacteria tile reaches the 4th level) or has 5 Immune Response cards in play at the end of the Miner’s turn, the Miner is killed and the Beast automatically wins. The Beast is now free of its stomach ache and quite happy with its meal.