So, You''ve Been Eaten.

The Hibernating Beast's Turn



To simulate the hibernating Beast’s digestive processes, you will need to use one of the dice, referred to as the Digestion die.

Take one of the dice normally used during the Miner’s turn and perform the following steps in order:

1 | Roll the Digestion die and, depending on the number you rolled, resolve the corresponding action. If the action indicated by the Digestion Die is not possible (for example, if a “3” was rolled and there are no Stomach cards showing Crystals in the Tract) proceed to the next step without doing anything further.

2 | Slide all remaining Stomach cards towards the Miner so there are no gaps. Then refill the Digestive Tract to 7 cards, by adding Stomach cards from the top of the deck to fill any empty spaces. Start in the space closest to the Miner.

3 | Place the top card of the Immune Response deck on the other side of the Beast’s board, in the area for acquired Immune Response cards. This card is now active. Reveal the top card of the deck, placing it face up on top of the deck as before.

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