So, You''ve Been Eaten.

2. The Beast Develops an Immune Response


2. The Beast Develops an Immune Response

After filling the Digestive Tract, you may acquire exactly 1 of the 3 face-up available Immune Response cards.

To be able to acquire a card, the prerequisite on the card must be fulfilled, and you must spend the required Energy.

When a card is acquired place it on the other side of the Beast’s board, in the area for acquired Immune

Response cards.

If no Immune Response card is acquired this turn, remove from the game the earliest drawn Immune Response card from the row.

Finally, slide the remaining Immune Response cards in the row to make space, and draw a new card from the deck to fill that empty space.

If there are 5 or more Immune Response cards in play at the end of the Miner’s turn, you have overwhelmingly countered intergalactic capitalism and win the game!