So, You''ve Been Eaten.

So, it’s the End of the Game.


So, it’s the End of the Game.

The Robot wins if it collects 7 Crystals, or if it reaches the Robot Wins [icon] space of the Replication Track on the Robot Miner’s board.

You win if, at the end of a Robot’s turn, any one Bacteria tile has reached the 4th level, or if 5 Immune Response cards are in play, as in the game for 2 players.

If at the end of your turn, there are not enough cards in the Stomach deck for you to refill your hand, the Robot will take one final turn after yours. Then you, as the Beast, score points as in Ending Number Two of the game for 2 players. The Robot scores one point for each collected Crystal, plus the amount of points depicted next to the position of the Replication tile on the Replication Track. In case of a tie, the Robot wins.