So, You''ve Been Eaten.

Digestion Die Actions


Digestion Die Actions

1 | Discard the Stomach card closest to the Miner.

2 | Discard the Stomach card showing a Crystal closest to the Miner (if any).

3 | Shuffle and randomly place all the remaining cards in the Tract, starting from the space closest to the Miner.

4 | Discard the two Stomach cards closest to the Miner.

5 | Discard the Stomach card showing a Crystal farthest away from the Miner (if any).

6 | Place the revealed card of the Immune Response deck from the top to the bottom of the deck. Then reveal a new card and place it on top of the deck.

NOTE: If the action indicated by the Digestion Die is not possible (for example, if a “3” was rolled and there are no Stomach cards showing Crystals in the Tract) no action is performed.