So, You''ve Been Eaten.

The Beast's Turn


The Beast's Turn

The Beast’s turn is the same as in the game for 2 players with the following exceptions:

1 | Acquiring Immune Response cards

When acquiring Immune Response cards, each Stomach card you play from your hand provides Energy equal to the level of the depicted Bacteria (i.e. 1 Energy for each space that the Bacteria tile matching the Bacteria on the card has advanced on its track) with a minimum of 1.

Example: The red Bacteria tile has advanced to the 3rd step on the track. Playing a Stomach card with a red Bacteria on it provides 3 Energy.

2 | Regressing Replication

After deciding whether to acquire an Immune Response card or not, and before drawing back to 7 cards, you may spend Stomach cards to regress the Robot’s Replication process. Each step on the Replication track contains a set of Bacteria.

Once per turn, you may play Stomach cards not containing Crystals from your hand to match all Bacteria on the Replication tile’s current position. If you do, move the tile one space away from the Robot Wins [icon] space. Then, put the cards you played at the bottom of the Stomach deck.

Whenever the tile reaches the space of the Replication Track closest to the Beast, choose and remove one of the Robot’s collected Crystals from the board (if any).

NOTE: You may not Regress Replication if the Replication tile is already in the space closest to the Beast. You may not play Stomach cards that show a Crystal on them.