Boss Monster

Room cards


Your dungeon’s Rooms attract and damage Heroes. Each turn, you can build a new Room in your dungeon up to a maximum of five visible Rooms.

Ordinary Rooms can be built at the end of your dungeon, or over any other Room.

Advanced Rooms are “upgrades” that can only be built on existing Rooms with at least one matching treasure icon.

1) Treasure: The treasure icons indicate what type of Heroes this Room attracts.

2) Damage: Each time a Hero enters a Room, it takes the listed damage. When the damage meets or exceeds its Health, that Hero dies.

3) Room type, description and an Icon: Rooms are either Trap Rooms () or a Monster Rooms ().

Silver icons () mark ordinary Rooms and Gold icons () mark Advanced Rooms.

4) Ability: The rules text of the card is active as long as it is visible and in play.

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