Boss Monster

Welcome to the Dungeon!


Welcome to Boss Monster, the card game that gives you the chance to become the ultimate villain: the boss of a videogame-style side-scrolling dungeon! If you have ever spent hours navigating the pixelated perils of 8-bit dungeons, Boss Monster is designed for you. If you’re new to this sort of card game, no worries. Played casually, Boss Monster is a simple game that’s about building Rooms, luring in Heroes, and counting up how much damage it takes to destroy them.

If you’re a more competitive player, don’t be deceived by Boss Monster’s simple mechanics. In your first games, you’ll probably find Heroes easy to destroy and rarely be at risk of death by Wounds. After all, any self-respecting Boss can defend himself from puny adventurers! The strategic heart of Boss Monster is about racing to see who can amass the most Souls; you’ll find your rival Bosses are the real threat. Every turn is a chance to “steal” Heroes from other players, and a clever Boss Monster can indirectly kill a greedy opponent or build combos that snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Whether you’re a casual or hardcore player, we hope you have fun. Thank you for becoming a part of the Boss Monster community, and happy hero hunting!