Boss Monster

End of the Game


The game does not end until a full turn is complete and every eligible player has had a chance to resolve an Adventure phase. Once every player has had a chance to act, determine the following:

• If a player ends the turn with 5 or more Wounds (), that player loses the game (regardless of Soul () count).

• If a player ends the turn with 10 Souls () (and fewer than 5 Wounds ()), that player wins the game.

• If two players meet the victory or loss conditions above, subtract each player’s Wounds () total from his Souls () total. The player with the higher result wins.

• If the result above is still a tie, the player with the lowest XP value wins.

Pro Tip: Multiplayer games

In a game with more than two players, when one player loses, that player’s cards are set aside and “removed from the game.” They do not go to the discard pile, and no effects can interact with those cards until the game concludes. The number of Heroes entering town does not change, so the pressure is on!

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