Boss Monster

Turn structure


Each turn in Boss Monster consists of five phases:

1) The beginning of a turn

Reveal Heroes in town (one Hero per player in the game), then each player draws a card from the Room Deck.

2) Build phase ()

Each player may build one Room. Players take turns in XP order, highest to lowest, placing
their Room cards face down. At the end of the Build phase, newly built Rooms are revealed simultaneously.

3) Bait phase

Heroes move to the entrance of the dungeon with the highest corresponding treasure value (or stay in town, if treasure values are tied).

4) Adventure phase ()

Heroes travel through dungeons. In XP order, each player takes a turn as the active player, “processing” all Heroes at his or her dungeon entrance and acquiring Souls or Wounds.

5) End of a turn

The turn ends and a new turn begins.