Boss Monster

2) Build Phase


During the Build phase (), players take turns placing Rooms face-down in their dungeon. You must specify where the Room is to be placed.

A Room can be placed in one of two locations:

1) To the left of your leftmost card. During Set Up, place your first Room to the left of your Boss card. Afterward, build additional new Rooms to the left. You may build a maximum of five visible Rooms in your dungeon. (Your Boss is not a Room).

2) On top of an existing Room card. Ordinary Rooms can be built on top of any Room. Advanced Rooms can only be built on top of a Room with at least one matching treasure icon as seen below.

You may choose not to play a Room, but you cannot change your choice once you are no longer the “active player.”

During the Build phase, you may use card abilities and play Spells marked with the Build () icon. The Active Player’s effects are always resolved first, with other player’s effects resolved in XP order.

Once each player has had the chance to place a Room, during the “end of the Build phase,” players simultaneously flip over their Room cards. These Rooms are now considered “built.”

Any “Level Up” and “when you build this Room” abilities take effect for the highest XP player, followed by lower-XP players.

Pro tip: Building over

Keep an eye on your treasure types as you’re building Rooms, because they will limit the Advanced Rooms you’re allowed to play. Multi-treasure Rooms (with gold borders) tend to be low-damage, but they give your dungeon versatility. Also keep in mind that ordinary Rooms can always be built over any Room, regardless of treasure type!