Boss Monster

Example of Gameplay


The heart of Boss Monster is dungeon building!

1) Your Boss card sits at the right end of a side-scrolling dungeon. Your dungeon builds out FROM your Boss card.

2) Each turn you can strengthen and refine it with Rooms. Each turn you can expand your dungeon by building a MONSTER ROOM or TRAP ROOM.

3) The Score Keeping area sits off to the side of your dungeon, where face-down Heroes add to your Souls () and face-up Heroes add to your Wounds (). Heroes enter your dungeon each turn. Defeated Heroes are turned face-down and are worth Souls (). Heroes who survive deal Wounds ().

4) A Room’s treasure value determines what type of Heroes it attracts.

5) Room's damage determines its ability to destroy Heroes (by depleting their Health).

You may only have a maximum of five visible Rooms in your dungeon. The first time you hit five Rooms, apply your Boss card’s “Level Up” effect!